Steam Train Fragrance Oils

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Our oils are fantabulous, 
They're mixed and poured by hand,
Safe for use in oil burners,
Don't you think that's grand? 
Use in Ultrasonic Diffusers,
Lovely scents you see,
A little goes a long long way,
And smells so great, yippee!


The nostalgic aroma of burning coal, steam and mechanics.

Pop a few drops of oil into the chamber of the Ultrasonic Diffuser or the well of the oil burner and top up with water to the fill line. 

This will all depend on the amount of oil used per time and the frequency of usage.

Approximately 10ml.

Our products are all handmade in small batches therefore colour shade and patterns may vary slightly. The colours on screen may differ from the finished product due to monitor or device screen resolutions.

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